Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Painted Bunting

It has been a long time since I blogged. Just when I was thinking to myself that I should give it up entirely,  something crossed my path that inspired me to make more art and pick up blogging back up again.

Early this year I took a workshop called The Art of Wild Abandonment. The class is led by Junelle Hallstrom Jacobsen, an incredibly inspiring lady, who in three weeks managed to inspire me to create more than all other books, workshops, and classes I have ever taken, ever did. The class is over, but the past few weeks I, along with many of the other artists that have taken the workshop, have carved a perfect little world in the workshops's Facebook page. We continue to create and share and be inspired by everyone else's work. None of us want it to end! And so, today I am going to share a watercolor that I did. It was inspired from a picture that one of my newly found friends took and shared with the rest of us. The photo was of a Painted Bunting that visited her yard and he was so beautiful that I could not help myself and so I painted him. He is but one reminder of the many beautiful creatures that we share this earth with and one of the many reasons why we should appreciate and care for it and be thankful for it, every day.


  1. So beautiful! I loved the photo Ann-Margaret posted.

    1. Thank you Chrissy! I painted it so I could use if for our Christmas Cards last year. I think that will be my tradition from now on.

  2. Paty, I just love this post!! I was so thrilled to see your watercolor of this beautiful did an amazing job! I will be doing my post about his visit this week since last week got a little busy. It was such a fun surprise to be reading your blog and find this sweet glad this lil guy inspired you, too!! Hugs!!