Friday, May 25, 2012


Simple is always harder for me. I overwork acrylic paintings or add too many details to sketches. Not surprisingly, after all the hard work I do not want to add a word or words to a piece for fear of detracting from it or messing it up. It was a friend of mine's birthday this week and I need to quickly create a card for her. A simple card, I told myself. So, I combined a watercolor background with a simple sketch and added one word in honor of the class Letter Love 101 that I am currently taking. I was very happy with the results and my friend loved it. Most importantly, I think, the word adds to, rather than detracts from the piece!


  1. Paty, I think it is absolutely stunning!

  2. Thank you Carin!! Wow...I had so much trouble replying to you. I think Google is having a bad day :-). Just visited your blog. Beautiful canvas! I am a little 'stuck' right now. Maybe this afternoon I can get creative. Have a wonderful day!