Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cuban Tody

The prompt for this week's Focus52 challenge was 'half'. Funny enough, the focus group is a photography group and is intended to prompt you to take a photo using the prompt (one prompt a week, for a total of 52 photos per year). My head has been so wrapped around art that I took the prompt and ran with it but instead of taking a picture, I made a canvas. The canvas includes 'half' of a heart and a cuban tody bird. Since birds and hearts are my favorite combination, I am not sorry I missed the point of the challenge completely! So, here is my bird and coming soon will be the photo that I should have been thinking about instead of painting this cute and colorful little birdie.


  1. I for one am glad you played in the paint.. love the bird and 1/2 a heart is better than none..LOL

  2. This turned out really cute, glad you had time to play with your paint.