Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sorry I have not posted in a while! We went to Europe for an almost 3-week vacation because my husband had work in London. This was the first time the kids had been out of the country and only their second time on a plane. I don't much enjoy flying so although I was looking forward to the trip, I was very much  dreading the flight. We did it, though! We made it there and back :-)!

We spent the first half of our vacation in London and the second half in Ireland. I can't express in words what beautiful places both England and Ireland are so I thought I could share some of my Ireland photos here, along with some of the sketches that I have added to my journal. I will start with Ireland because that is where I took my best photos. I think by then I had become familiar with my camera as I was trying not to use it in auto-mode. The London pictures need a bit more editing and I have not quite finished them yet so I will add them to a later post.

Beautiful Irish Ram, Dingle Peninsula

One of our favorite memories from Ireland (aside from the woolies, of course) is the Irish Soda Bread that is served along with every meal. We had sandwiches made with soda bread, we had it for breakfast, and also with soups for dinner. I have never had such delicious bread that is so easy to make. I am including a recipe here that I have made several times since we've been back and a sketch of the breakfast basket that was presented to us every morning at our B&B in Cork, The Garnish House. If you ever go to Cork, I would highly recommend staying there. The breakfast was delicious, the rooms were very comfortable and clean, and the owners were always so warm and friendly.

Sketch from my travel journal

Here is a link to the Ireland Slideshow. It is on YouTube so the quality of the photos is not as good as my actual photographs but it was the easiest way to post it here. It plays to music from Mutefish, a group that we saw playing on Grafton street in Dublin one evening while we were there. We enjoyed their music so much we bought a CD from them on the spot. I still listen to that CD on my way to work while I reminisce. If you watch the slideshow, you will see them play in a short video that I have included in the show. Enjoy!