Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little Owl

These days one of my favorite spots for inspiration is Pinterest. The other day I found a little stuffed owl on Pinterest that caught my eye - he made my heart melt. I followed the link but instead of taking me to the little owl, it took me to a beautiful website. If you have time and want to feast your eyes, I would go check it out. Perhaps the little owl is hiding among the 1800 or so pages, perhaps not. I have not found him. If you do, and could let me know, I would love to know so that I can add the link here and give proper credit. You can find the blog by clicking here.

Here is a picture of the canvas. I don't sell my art so when I decided to do a paper-pieced canvas of the little owl, I was pretty faithful to the original design. I love, love the results.

Update: I found the little guy! He is one of the tons of amazing creatures made by skunkboy creatures. You really need to go take a look. They are amazing!

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