Monday, January 27, 2014

Birds and Lace

I have been in a pink and lace-kind-of-mood. I am normally more into earth tones than pastels and I don't even own any lace but when I sat to create a page in my journal, I wanted the page to be soft and creamy.
I started off by decoupaging a napkin I received from a dear friend onto the page along with a couple of torn  pieces of paper. My friend is from England, a country that I am utterly in love with. Having a piece of it on my journal page would make it special.

I added gesso and a little bit of pink with my gelatos and kept adding layers until I was happy with the color. A bit of black touches here and there at the end made the page feel just right and ready for an image and some journaling. Of course, I decided on a little black and white bird.

Finally, I added a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. 



  1. Gorgeous page, always love your little birdies.

    1. Thank you Dolores! I had fun with this one :-).

    2. This is absolutely soooooooooo beautiful! I love the peek of the lace doily --- absolutely beautiful Paty!

    3. Thank you so much AMM! I am so happy to see you here :-). It was so fun, making this page. I just hope I can keep it up.

  2. I LOVE this page, Paty! This little birdie is adorable...reminds me of one that visits our yard! :) Love all the details and especially that you used the napkin from someone special! Soooo pretty! :)