Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Love for English birds

Well, really, I love ALL birds but there is a special place in my heart for the English ones. Maybe because of the scenery that surrounds them which is so hard to find where I live. Maybe I love them best because it is my dream to live in one of those villages some day, you know, the ones with ducks and geese walking among the villagers. If I ever get to go back, that image will be the one that I will be looking for...geese or ducks in a village walking among everyone else. I will get that shot someday...sigh....
For now, there is one other bird I captured while at the London Zoo that rivals my goose picture and it is of a European Robin that I met at the London Zoo. He let me get so close to him! I love looking at all the pictures of him I took and love even more painting him. He makes me smile every time. Here he is...a little watercolor of him with some softening done with PicMonkey....I really should name him, shouldn't I?

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