The Art of Wild Abandonment

A couple of months ago, I took a workshop called The Art of Wild Abandonment. The workshop is offered by Christy Tomlinson and is led by Junelle Jacobsen. Junelle is the most amazing person. She is sweet, funny, and positive. Through the length of the course and beyond, she has taken the time to encourage each and every one of us. She taught us how to see the beauty in everything around us. She made us all fall in love with watercolors and sketching, and of all things, radishes (yes, radishes!). Taking this course was one of the best things I have ever done. I learned so much, not just from Junelle, but from all the other ladies that took this course with me. We shared our work in our Facebook Group page, we boosted each other's confidence, we provided helpful suggestions to all kinds of art questions, and even better, we continue to keep in touch and provide support through the FB page even though most of us have finished the course. If you are looking to take a workshop, I encourage you to look into The Art of Wild Abandonment (there is a link on my home page). I encourage you to consider taking it. You will not regret it!
Here is also a list of blogs that belong to my very talented friends in case you want to take a peek:

Tracy Cedara Dunn

Janice Richie

Chrissy DiMaria Farnan

Maria Levine

Stephanie Schutze

Jan Chau

Becky Voth

Valerie Herbert

Valerie Weller

Gina Lee Kim

Kimberly Sturrup Roberts

Rebekah Farr

Michelle Daigle

Joanne Freeman

Vicki Robinson

Carin Cullen

Judy Hardwick

Jeanie Dickinson

Kim Gigot Stanford

Kelly N James Webb

Donna Peter

Michelle Little Smith

Karen Maldonado

Stephanie Ward Frisby

Sheryl Callan Meilahn

Ulrika Blomfelt

Olga Valls Bassa

Deborah Suriano Mahnken

Ingrid Opgenhoff

Esperanza Beltran

Becky Lesher Grundei

Marilyn Johnson

Becky Handforth

Dolores Raml

Ashley Summerlin Murphy

Goog Guarino

Becky Thomas Lane

Sherry L Coogan

Meagan Boone

Fran Pascazio

Paty Shaulis

Julia Monroe

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